Dear Youth and dear Parents,

In the current world situation, we are confronted daily with the need to renew our perception of encounter and attention. Every hour new information and regulations reach us. This does not pass us by without concern, as the organizers of the International Youth Conference. Therefore, we would like to report to you on our present reflections on this matter.

We continue to approach our Summer Camp Festival with joy and confidence! We are grateful to everyone who will register, which expresses a great trust, that in July and August there will be a time of celebration, discussions, dancing and singing together.

At the same time, we carry within us the possibility that the conference can take place only with a few participants. Whatever the case will be, we will respect and follow the current regulations from authorities during the time frame of the festival, while overcoming the challenges of separation nowadays.

This calls for a great inner flexibility on our and your part, who register for the Festival.

We will keep you informed about further developments.

As we continue preparing for the conference, we look very much forward to meeting you all!

Best regards from your conference team!