From 4th to 8th August: Day Trips and Hike through the Western Carpathians

The day trips will take place after the conference. Through fairytale landscapes, past wonderful villages and lakes, exploring waterfalls and caves, as well as historical places we will make our journey on foot or by bus or car.

The first 4 nights after the conference (3rd-6th August) we will sleep in the warmth fairytale place of Belis.

Saturday, 7th August we will arrive, explore and stay overnight in Cluj-Napoca.

Besides the traveling, we will have together every day:

-morning discussion circle
-evening discussion circle

Day 1, August 4th

Day trip to the waterfalls. (Daily distance: narrow km, approx. 1 hour. Close by the stream, through the forest). We would be picking wild strawberries and blackberries.
In the evening return to the Christian community camp.

Trip to the swimming lake “Lacul Fantanele”. (Daily distance approx. 10km)
In the evening return to the Christian community camp.

Day 2, August 5th

Belis – Ciucea museum – Memorial House – Vadul Crisului Cave – Huedin – Belis.

Day 3, August 6th

Belis – Marisel – Racatau – Plopi

Day 4, August 7th

Belis – Cluj-Napoca.

Day 5, August 8th

Last day in Cluj-Napoca.

Farewell & Departure