Youth Festival

From 14th of July until 31st of July 2022 in Belis.

A short portrait of Belis

Beliș is a small village situated at the heart of the Western Carpathians of Romania. On a fairy-tale-like space 1 km away from it, lies one of the chapels of the Christian Community which has been home of the summer meetings and camps of the Christian community for almost 30 years.

A short representation:

  • fir trees, paper birches, weeping willows, wildflower meadows and blueberry bushes
  • a lovely chapel (without electricity and water)
  • three wooden huts without electricity or water, without beds and mattresses
  • a dining room with cold water connection and sockets,
  • 4 outhouses,
  • a fireplace plenty of space for outdoor activities
  • plenty of space for camping and all the tents you would bring with you
  • a mountain spring
  • two cold water showers